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the treasure you seek.” 

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Secret Power of Brands

london: Meaningfully impact tens of thousands learners worldwide

This is a priceless bundle of knowledge that will always accompany me.
— Carlos Portillo, 2013 learner
Filming with professors at the University of East Anglia

Filming with professors at the University of East Anglia

Read Robert Jones' insightful piece on 7 things we learned by doing a MOOC

I was the lead strategist and content director on this project for Wolff Olins.

Our ambition was huge: to make online learning a powerful force for individual change and growth. 

I collaborated with Robert Jones, Head of New Thinking at Wolff Olins and professor at the University of East Anglia to make FutureLearn’s first MOOC: a 6-week course on the Secret Power of Brands

Learning needs assessment
Content strategy
Art direction + research + expert interviews 

To date, the MOOC has run 12 times, reaching over 85,000+ learners around the world, and it’s one of FutureLearn’s most highly rated courses. It is also the core case study for FutureLearn’s pedagogy handbook. 

Key learnings

View content as stimulus
Treat your videos, slideshows, photography and text as stimulus that get learners to think and work with greater intention. 

Less can be more
People are busy. Focus on the things that are really going to help people on the job now. 

Go behind-the-scenes
Showing is better than telling. Give learner’s an insider look into the work – rough sketches, workshop notes, anecdotes and fun facts.