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There’s information specifically for students just getting out of college that is really relevant to me.
— Carolyn, Northeastern University

I was the lead strategist at Wolff Olins on this project. 

Student loan debt is a massive problem in America. The average people will leave university is nearly $30,000. This is unacceptable. 

American Student Assistance needed a new brand that would motivate university students to take control over their loans and finances 

We created SALT, a new brand focused on the idea of “incenting financial saviness” to grab the attention of young people.
Company purpose + manifesto
Naming strategy + new name
Communications strategy + training workshops
Marketing campaign 

So far, over 100,000+ students and alumni have registered on to take control over their finances. SALT partners with 250 universities across the United States

Key learnings

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes.
Understand their fundamental behaviours, needs and dreams. Create customer journey maps and personas to understand where your brand fits into their lives. 

Be ruthless simple. 
The world is complicated and noisy. Make your proposition as simple as possible. 

Create a proposition that appeals to all your audiences. 
ASA had two audiences – students and financial aid offices. We created a unifying proposition that would resonate with both.