“The cave you fear to enter holds
the treasure you seek.” 

I’d love to have a real conversation
about fear and transformation.

Let’s talk.


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Building a learning startup 
from the ground up

Melissa has been a big mentor to me. Her great strength lies in getting the most out of people – she sets clear targets and is always checking in to see how everyone is doing.
— Matthew Birchall, Former Editor, Learnerbly

Read about how Melissa nurtured a culture of feedback and psychological safety at Learnerbly

London 2016-2018

Transform a prototype into a fast-growing global business

Action + Impact
I joined forces with CEO Rajeeb Dey to re-think L&D for the workplace

Vision & Strategy Co-created and executed a strategic vision of connecting every single learner in business with the right learning opportunity 

L&D Impact Led L&D Impact team to retain 100% of our 10 flagship clients by solving critical talent challenges for teams in engineering, design, sales and leadership 

Partnerships Partnerships are core to our revenue model. Closed 44 coaching & training partners, including General Assembly, IDEO U, Former Head of Diversity at KPMG and Former BBC Executive Creative Director

Key learnings

Your people are just as important as your product
Your team is everything when you are an early stage start up. Take the time to think intentionally about your culture, values and recruitment processes.

Go to where learners are
Engage people beyond your app or platform - deliver content through the most convenient channels for your users. This could be Slack, email or text message.

Customers should be happy by intention
Treat your employees as customers. Create a strategy and programme of training, communication tools and feedback to ensure a successful rollout of an internal product at your company.