“The cave you fear to enter holds
the treasure you seek.” 

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creating an education brand that inspires the world

The brand story is on the wall where the product team works, to remind them everyday where the product has to be and lenses to look at it through.
— Claire Davenport, Commercial Director
I believe in co-creation -- arriving at the solution together, not alone.

I believe in co-creation -- arriving at the solution together, not alone.

London 2012

I was the lead strategist for this project at Wolff Olins.

Our challenge was to transform a FutureLearn, a startup set up by the Open University, into a distinct brand in less than six weeks. 

I worked closely with the CEO, COO and product team to co-create a vision that would focus the product, recruit talent and attract learners.

Brand story, including product + culture principles
Naming strategy

To date, over 2 million learners have signed up to take courses on FutureLearn. They have 69 partners worldwide, from the top universities and cultural institutions, including the British Council, British Library and British Museum.

Key learnings 
Look at the world and yourself 
Understand the intersection between what the world needs and what makes your organisation special to make a brand that stands out throughout time. 

Follow a north star
Make sure product, marketing and culture are all connected to the same vision.

Translate your vision into everyday action 
Create one-pagers, cheat sheets and toolkits that people can easily reference on the job.