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Ally Coffee

Scaling as a Global Organization

This process gave everyone in the company the opportunity to have a voice and give their feedback
— Bruno Borges, CEO


I’m incredibly excited to say within the first two weeks of the first quarter their CEO Bruno and COO Ricardo have implemented 90% of the actions we committed to during our December 2018 workshops, with a particular focus on the way the organization communicates through meetings.  

“I’ve learned a lot through this process. And it’s made me an even better leader.”
— Ricardo Pereira, COO

South Carolina 2018

I collaborated with Ally Coffee, a specialty coffee company originally from Brazil with offices in America and Europe, to co-create a brand and talent strategy to inspire both clients and employees.

Working closely with CEO Bruno Borges and COO Ricardo Pereira, I developed a collaborative process to get everyone in the organization involved:

  • Employee Survey

  • Internal Talent Audit

  • Competitor & Best Practices Audit

  • Producer, Roaster and Employee Interviews

  • Management Workshops & All-Employee Forum

Through a three-week research sprint, we discovered the organization needed to work through two core issues internally: communicating more seamlessly as a global team and retaining talent through formalized learning initiatives.

As a part of their all-company summit, I facilitated workshops with the management team to co-create practical solutions to these issues. Our talent strategy focused on re-designing the way the business runs meetings -- from 10-minute daily executive stand-ups to more global cross-functional management meetings. We also committed to building a culture of goal setting, accountability and feedback, supported by their CFO Davide Bombonato and their Head of Learning Ildi Revi.