“The cave you fear to enter holds
the treasure you seek.” 

I’d love to have a real conversation
about fear and transformation.

Let’s talk.


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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Share a story that goes beyond 
a list of titles and achievements.
Because who we are is how we lead.

I’m a Creative Executive Coach & Strategic Advisor who is passionate about collaborating with fiercely courageous and creative leaders to achieve social impact in their organizations and the world

My study of fear began at a young age, as a painfully shy Asian American immigrant kid afraid to speak during class or in meetings. Over the course of 33 years, I’ve developed an acute understanding of fear — how it can hold us back but also how it can propel us into the most powerful essence of who we are. 

We can’t lead without knowing our fears. When we know how to hold fear, it becomes an immense source of power.

For me, it’s been a practice of persistent courage and liberation. It’s what inspired me to come out as queer at 27. It’s what inspired me to trade a well-paid job for a vision of collaborating with creative leaders to fight for humanity. It’s what inspired me to build equal and authentic connections with people whether it’s in the boardroom or on the beach. It’s what inspired me to be vulnerable and share my story with thousands of strangers across the world.

It’s a practice that I’m keen to share with 
leaders who are ready to work with fear.

How can we Collaborate?

Our work sits at the intersection of strategy and spirituality, bringing both the head and the heart.

Executive Coaching

I collaborate with individuals
to work with fear, make big leaps and lead the change they want to see in the world through transformational one-on-one coaching journeys.

strategic Advisory

Bringing over 8 years of strategy and operational experience, I partner with leaders to co-create a business strategy and processes to make it a reality.

workshop experiences

I design curated and original programs based on best practice research, conversations with the world’s most creative and courageous leaders.

a few Case stories
How i've impacted the world

How can you build a fast-growing global creative business from the ground up?

How can you re-invent the business model and culture of a 50-year-old consultancy?

How can you reach tens of thousands of people worldwide through learning?

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