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New Day

Inspiring Great Britain to be better with money 

Our business strategy is underpinned by our manifesto, which sets out our commitment to be welcoming, understanding, knowing and rewarding business.
— James Cocoron, CEO, NewDay

I was the lead strategist for this project at Wolff Olins. 

Our ambition was simple: to be the leading brand for the financially underserved – people with limited or no access to credit – to be better with their money. 

We worked with the financial services company NewDay (formerly SAV) to help build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers who have been historically looked over by traditional banks. 

Company manifesto + values
Product vision + roadmap

NewDay is a leading credit company with over 5.4 million customers in the UK and £1.3 billion receivables. 

Key learnings

Go deep into the world of your customer. 
Creating a brand that genuinely meets the needs of people who are disadvantaged is hard. Get to know them as if you were getting to know a friend – listen, hang out, spend time where they are. 

Focus on what matters most. 
Design workshop experiences that solve the most important problems with the key stakeholders all in the room. This might have to happen after work with beer and pizza, but you’ll get to a much more impactful result.

People-led manifestos are powerful tool for driving business. 
NewDay used their manifesto to shape their business strategy and product roadmap. 

Read the full manifesto here